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Discover our suite of Artificial Intelligence tools that enable the optimization of time and processes in formulating multiple products such as margarines, shortenings, and emulgeles while maintaining high standards of quality and sustainability.

Products developed using our Artificial Intelligence capabilities

Designed to uncover the intricate relationship between triglycerides and the fatty acids they comprise with the physical characteristics of fats and oils.

Product designed with this AI
AI Margarine

The first bar margarine designed by Jul-ia.

In this process, the AI selected an optimal combination of different fatty bases and predicted their physical properties to mimic those of a market bar.

Quantum computing-based system that significantly reduces error and minimizes prediction times for new blends of fats and oils.

Product designed with this AI
Quantum Margarine

Anthon/e facilitated the formulation of a new margarine in just a few seconds. Utilizing quantum computers, we implemented our own algorithms for optimizing the fat blend of this margarine.

Computer-aided design system for obtaining formulations of gelled emulsions that could mimic the functional rheological characteristics of shortenings and margarines with lower levels of saturated fats and calories.

Product designed with this AI
Liquid Margarine

To address the need for liquid margarines, we utilized James.ify In this application, the AI provided a design for an emulgel that mimics the rheology and sensory properties of market liquid margarines.

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